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Split Tip Drill Bit

13 pc sci-tech hss-g m2 metal twist drill bit set 116 to 14 hex shank titanium kit is a top set of drill bits for anything from horizontal to vertical cuts.

Split Tip Drill Bit Ebay

Are you wanting for a new bit in your tool pancake? If so, then this Split Tip drill bit is exceptional for you! This bit comes with an 29-pce platinum hss bit set, making it an excellent alternative for people who are digging for a powerful and consistent tool, additionally, the Tip andu-shape make it effortless to handle any feeding and drill sizes. The Split Tip drill bit is a powerful tool for no, 3 jobber drillers. It offers a Split point that can be aligned in three directions, making it practical for splitting rock, the bit is conjointly heavy-duty and made of high speed steel. The Split Tip drill bit is a powerful drill bit that can help you Split and drill through granite, stone, and other materials with ease, this boring bit is manufactured from spanish hardwood with a Split point that makes it valuable for schlepping and splitting. Whether you're seeking to Split a small hole in a block of granite or break through a thicker material, the Split Tip drill bit is a top-notch tool for the task, this splice Tip drill bit is impact ready with a coated 316 material that makes it durable. The 9244 number is for the most part a good number to consider when this drill bit, it is produced from a tough, coated 316 material that is sure to last. The overall size of the bit is 8, 5 cm when opened. When actually owning the bit, it is 8, 5 cm wide and provides a due diligence in it.