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Snap On Drill Bits Set

This is a Set of 11 hex shanks for a Snap On drill, they are length-1 and are missing the end of the last shank. However, these are only for decoration and cannot impact the usability of the product, the Set also includes a bit length guide and socket On this page.

Who Makes Snap On Drill Bits

This Set of 21 Snap On drill bits is an enticing alternative to get your drill bit iid and get the best performance from your drill, the bits are made of durable plastic and have a sharpness and carbide content that makes it basic to adopt and maintain. This Set of snap-on drill bits is designed to help you get the most out of your extractor, by being spline-odm and mounting the bit On the extractor hub, these bits give you not only better performance but also tab-1 quality. The Set includes: snap-on drill bit hub bit flute bit kit guide o-ring torque screw washer cover this is a Set of 11 Snap On drill bits that are made from new, premium cobalt short drill bit set, this Set is a first-rate surrogate to have some fun and increase your skills at the same time. The bits are uncomplicated to adopt and are the Snap On drill bits are splendid choice for enthusiasts who ache for drill bit set, they don't have any of the myth none of the following things happen when you try to handle On drill bit.